Add Machines to Active Directory Group with PowerShell

This PowerShell script can be used to add multiple machines to an Active Directory (AD) Group.

This script will prompt you to input the password for the account you specify.

# Add Machines from a csv input file to an Active Directory Group
Import-Module ActiveDirectory
# Replace GroupName with the name of the AD Group to which you want to add the machines.
$ADGroup = "GroupName"
# Replace Domain\AccountName with the Active Directory Account to use.
$ADCreds = Get-Credential "Domain\AccountName"
# Replace C:\Temp\Input.csv with the full path to the CSV file containing the list of machines to add.
# The CSV File should be formatted with one Machine Name per line, with a field title of Name
$InputFile = "C:\Temp\Input.csv"
Import-Csv $InputFile | ForEach-Object {
    $Name = $_."Name"
    $Name2 = "$Name$"
    Add-ADGroupMember $adGroup $Name2 -Credential $ADCreds;
    Write-Host "- "$Name2" added to "$adGroup}


The input file should be formatted as follows:

Machine 1
Machine 2
Machine 3

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